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Getting it done or getting by College Life

Hello everyone: Have you ever wondered why some students excel while others, who seem equally intelligent, just get by? When a student did poorly in my class, I used to think it was me. Now I know that individuals have different goals for their education. Maybe they are in college just to stay on their parents’ medical insurance policy. Maybe they are there to avoid...

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Note taking in college Books / College Life

Hello everyone: Have you seen them? They are the clear-eyed students sitting about halfway back in the room who never seem to need to take notes. They tell themselves that they will remember everything the instructor says, so note taking is for wimps. I see them all the time, usually in a class that they are on track to fail. In eleven years of teaching...

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How to avoid flunking your online class College Life / Suddenly Single

Hi everyone: A student emailed me today, in a panic about failing the writing class I am teaching at a major online college. Here is what I told her about writing an assignment: Please read all instructions carefully before you begin to write. Please write the document that the instructions call for. Look at each assignment as a separate and distinct document and do not...

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