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Finishing strong College Life

Hello everyone: Okay, you are at the end of your rope. You have almost made it through the semester but it is just so hard to finish things up. Surely missing a couple of small assignments won’t make a difference, right? Wrong. I have a former student who decided to let her guard down at the very end of her time in my class. She...

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Do your homework or dislike the results College Life

Hello everyone: I have been teaching college for 12 years now and one of the biggest mysteries to me is why students pay good money for their education, come to class on a regular basis, but do not turn anything in. The only thing I can figure is that their parents are paying for their education, they enjoy coming to class, but they don’t want...

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Finishing the semester strong College Life

Hello everyone: Sometimes my students get tired before the end of the term. It can happen to anyone…..it happens to instructors when we have bitten off more than we can grade. Hang in there, people. There will come a day when you totally forget whatever  is plaguing you now. If you quit, you may never remember why. Don’t give up. Okay, so you had a...

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