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Does stress have you down? Home Life

Hello everyone: Stress can be a terrible thing. It can rob you of sleep, make you lash out at those you love, and it can make you physically ill. Like I said, it’s not nice. I know a gal who holds many things inside. She now has ulcers in her mouth- the doctor says that they are totally stress-related. The ulcers make eating difficult and...

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Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen College Life / Home Life

Hello everyone: Today’s blog is on avoiding gaining the weight that you might otherwise pick up in college. They traditionally call it the “freshman fifteen” but I didn’t find it until graduate school. You know how it goes- you are busy working and studying; shopping and preparing nutritionally-sound food seems out of reach for your hectic schedule. Or perhaps you are busy studying and trying...

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Learning to say “no” Home Life / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: One of the hardest things for a people-pleaser to do is to say “no” when someone makes a request. If you are serious about your future, sometimes you have to turn down a request to do something. When starting college or a new job, this is something you need to be able to say pretty quickly, or you will miss deadlines. I used...

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