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No longer huffy with Huffy Hobbies & Travel

Hello everyone: Well, Huffy bikes are back on my “nice” list. They replaced my old bike with a brand new one, after we learned that a manufacturing defect made my old bike unsafe to ride. I am now the proud owner of a white bike with purple trim that works like a champ (the bike, not the trim). See what happens when you write  a...

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Huffy bikes revisited Hobbies & Travel

Hello everyone: Well, I don’t know if Huffy bikes reads blogs but they emailed me yesterday, to offer me a new bike. We are working out the details. Will keep you posted. This leads me to a very practical idea: It pays to complain. Your letter or phone call of complaint needs to be very pleasant and you should not threaten, but it is possible...

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Getting Huffy with Huffy Bikes Hobbies & Travel

Hello everyone: A flat bike tire sent me scrambling to my local bike shop in Cocoa Village yesterday. The diagnosis was surprising. Not only had I worn our my back tire, which the bike man said was “impressive,” but I also had a problem that could end up as a “catastrophic failure” with my bike. Basically, there was a part on my bike that could...

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