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Excluding exclusions for the purpose of exclusion Hobbies & Travel

Hello everyone: Even though I usually blog on Tuesdays and Fridays, this simply could not wait. There is a sale that I absolutely must tell you about. It is at one of my favorite stores, Banana Republic.  Their merchandise is nicely made and is generally a great price. I shop there several times a year, especially for my sons. Here’s the deal: when I was walking...

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How grocery shopping is like writing essay transitions Home Life / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: How in the world are transitions in an essay like grocery shopping???? Believe it or not, they are alike.  Work with me here! When you go shopping for food, you put a lot of unrelated items in your cart. Maybe you get some bananas, a container of cinnamon, and some nonfat yogurt. While you are pushing them around the store, they are three...

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Maneuvering in store parking lots Hobbies & Travel / Suddenly Single

Hello everyone: It’s Christmas time and all the nut jobs are working overtime, or so it seems. While many completely sane people (like you and me) are trying to make it through Blood Alley (aka shopping center parking lots) alive, there are some definite things not to do. (Please note that I observed this this afternoon in my local grocery store parking lot, so this...

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