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Negotiating a Grade Change College Life

Hello everyone: A former student of mine needed to pass her math course in order to graduate from college. She had a job all lined up, the family was preparing to move across the country so that she could start the job, but ….she was apparently failing her math class….or so it seemed. No degree would equal no job…… She wrote a very impassioned letter...

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“I chose not to do this assignment” or how to fail in one easy lesson College Life

Hello everyone: Picture this: A student walks up to me and says, “Dr. Parmelee, I chose not to do this assignment.” I replied, “What???” She repeated herself and walked away. A few weeks later, she failed my class. She was none too pleased when she got her final grade for the course and sent me an email that said, “How dare you flunk me?”  I...

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Do you want me to fail? College Life

Hello everyone: Today’s college-related post is based on what a student asked me recently, “Do you want me to fail? ” My short answer is “no.” The person in question is one of my online-only students; I will never met him. Still, it is not my wish to fail the individual. It is my goal to teach him how to write. He wrote a paper...

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