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Parenthetic expressions and commas Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: i just wanted to clarify something. It has to do with the use of vocative commas. Vocative commas are used when you are separating a person’s name from the rest of the sentence, such as the following: John, it’s good to see you. You would use the vocative comma instead of writing: John it’s good to see you. You also need to use...

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Oxford commas revisited Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: Oxford commas are great at preventing misunderstanding. One of my students sent me a news report on a court case filed on behalf of some workers who thought they deserved overtime. The issue? The lack of an Oxford comma. So, what is one, you might ask? An Oxford comma is used between the last item in a list of things and the second-to-the-last...

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Parenthetic expressions Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: Today, let’s visit the world of parenthetic expressions. This is, when you are writing, a brief pause in the middle of a sentence to add some additional information. It also applies to speaking, but I wanted to give you an example of what I was talking about right up front. Sometimes it is hard to decide if you need the commas, but, if...

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