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Hello everyone:

“What is the least I can do to pass this course?” Yes, that is a question I was asked by a student just this morning. Are you kidding me?

So this gal, a graduate student, doesn’t want to do her best. She doesn’t want to excel, she just wants to barely scrap by. Again, are you kidding me? She is fine with being the “Cream of the Crap” rather than the “Cream of the Crop.” How did she get this far in the first place?

Students, this is not the way to impress your professor. So what does someone want to do when he or she gets into college? Respect your classmates and your school by always doing your best. I have an undergraduate student right now who is the antithesis of the previously-mentioned gal.

He is engaged in every discussion board. When his first postings did not meet the standards for the course, I told him and he did something about it. He is a hard worker, asks questions if he doesn’t understand something, and always strives to do his very best. When he gets feedback, he thanks me for helping him improve, not in an Eddie Haskell way, but sincerely. He is a model student.

So, what is going to happen to Miss Let Me Get By? I don’t know for sure but experience tells me that she’s going to ask for an extension of all deadlines and that, when she does turn something in, it will be done on the cheap. That is, it will barely meet the requirements and will be poorly done. But then, that’s her goal. Go figure.


Dr. Sheri


Sheri Dean Parmelee has a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Regent University. She writes books on practical tips for people who become unexpectedly unmarried and is working on her second novel in a series of contemporary romance/suspense novels. She teaches at three colleges, working with students from freshmen to graduate students. Her hobbies include running 8 miles a day and reading biographies and fiction.

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