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Hello everyone:

Today’s blog covers the topic of how to complain. Right now, I have two online students (both female) who have different approaches to class. One of them, who has a very high GPA, asks respectfully when she has a question about an assignment. The other one, not so much.

Student A (so-called because that is what her GPA is) sometimes finds the instructions for our assignments a little confusing. When this is the case, she respectfully explains in our Ask the Professor area about the issue, explaining her understanding of the instructions and asking if she has comprehended things correctly. Sometimes I have to guide her to a better understanding, and sometimes I have to clarify instructions that were written by the person who designed the class. She goes merrily on her way afterwards and always writes a superb document.

Student C (there is no Student B, in case you are wondering) fights me tooth and nail. She doesn’t like anything about the class and thinks I am a total incompetent. Sadly, as I explained just today, the course was designed, not by me, but by the chair of my department and we are still tweaking the course because it is brand new.

Can you guess which student brightens my day with her very presence?

Have you ever run into a situation where instructions were muddy and you needed to ask the instructor for help? How did you go about it and what were the results?


Dr. Sheri


Sheri Dean Parmelee has a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Regent University. She writes books on practical tips for people who become unexpectedly unmarried and is working on her second novel in a series of contemporary romance/suspense novels. She teaches at three colleges, working with students from freshmen to graduate students. Her hobbies include running 8 miles a day and reading biographies and fiction.

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