Hello! Suddenly Single

This site will have articles related to Sheri Dean Parmelee’s upcoming book, Suddenly Single: A Practical Guide to Maintaining Your Household When Your Spouse Is No Longer Available, and her upcoming future writing.

Suddenly Single is a resource for anyone who is looking for help on practical matters after losing a spouse. This includes the following kinds of people:

  • Widows and widowers of any age
  • People who are divorced
  • People who are married to spouses with debilitating illnesses
  • People who are terminally ill and are wondering how their family will be able to manage without them
  • Family members and friends of anyone who has lost their spouse

It is also ideal for funeral directors, pastors, real estate agents, lawyers, and others who work with people who have recently lost their spouse.

For now, you may read about Suddenly Single on the Suddenly Single website and download a free sample chapter of the book there.

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