Too Many Introductory Phrases Spoil the Essay Uncategorized / Writing & Grammar

Hello everyone: There seems to be an over abundance of introductory phrases these days. Whether you are a first semester freshman or a graduate student, they are omnipresent in essays. (I just wrote one in the last sentence; this proves my point, I would argue herein.) I almost wrote a second one in three sentences. That would have spelled disaster in the world of academic...

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Do Ask Questions When You Don’t Understand Uncategorized

Hello Everyone: One of the things college students sometimes fret about is whether or not to approach their professors with questions. The answer is most decisively “Yes!” Underline, boldface print, exclamation point, “Yes!” Sometimes I am emailed by students who have misunderstood an assignment. Frequently, they are so confused that they have to ask me multiple times about what they need to do. You know...

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